Tilley Endurables
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Tilley Endurables
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Tilley Endurables
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Tilley Corduroy

Just arrived; for women there are slacks and skirts; for men there are blazers and pants.  Nice colours.

The Fall & Winter catalogue is available - please fill out our client register if you would like us to mail or email you a copy.

Vancouver Sun

Vancouver Sun Columnist Shelley Fralic recenty wrote about us: "After 30 years, Tilley is the new hip." Click here to enjoy the article.

Welcome to our Tilley family store.

Enjoy a visit to our store, or shop by phone.

This is how Alex's hobby gone haywire got you here!

These are the Tilley items stocked in Vancouver.

Planning a trip?  Click here to view great online travel resources.

"The most wonderfully friendly and experienced Service Personnel I have ever encountered."


Tilley Vancouver Packing Seminar

We are pleased to offer an interesting and fun hour at the store.

Organize and make the most of your suitcase space, arrive with clothes looking great.

People who attend are often seasoned travellers, who want to pack better.  One client told John that they'd travelled with friends whose clothes looked great, while theirs were wrinkled.  The friend told her "you have to learn about Eagle Creek".

Attending will help you make the most of your packing space and recommend travel essentials; we feature Eagle Creek and Austin House in store.

The next seminar is January 18th from 3-4 pm, call us at 604-732-4287 to book your chair, and for more details.

Tilley Client Register