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For our size XS, S, XXL, and XXXL clients, we are having a SALE!

In the final days of our Tilley Vancouver event, sale items are priced to at least 50% off, and for some items up to 80% off.

To clear them out, many Men's and Women's sale items are now at only $30 instead of $89 or $120 or $160..

Sale items include shirts, tops, shorts, belts, knits, dresses, jackets, and more.



Hats off to Tilley in Tilley, Alberta

On June 28 over 300 citizens of Tilley Alberta met Alex Tilley and received a free autographed custom made red-and-white Tilley Hat on Tilley Alberta's Heritage Day.   Alex was invited to be the Parade Marshall.  Events included a pancake breakfast put on by the fire department, kids activities, free bingo, car show & shine, tube races and a duck race on the canal, dinner with entertainment, bonfire and marshallow roast and fireworks.  A splendid time was had by all!


Welcome to our Tilley family store.

Enjoy a splendid visit to our store, or shop by phone.  This is how Alex's hobby gone haywire got you here!

These are the Tilley items stocked in Vancouver.

For Tilley Travel Tips, click here to view suggested packing lists, information on protecting against pickpockets and more.

"The most wonderfully friendly and experienced Service Personnel I have ever encountered."

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