Tilley Vancouver
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Tilley Endurables online Catalogue

Hilary Clark Cole is a Canadian sculptor, working mainly in hand built welded steel artwork, and also cast limited edition bronzes.

BC Federation of Fly Fishers

Educating the public about the sport,
committed to enhancing the waters and recreational fisheries of BC.

Wanderlust Traveller's Store
A travel accessory, luggage and travel books store in our neighbourhood.

Vancouver Trails
Hiking information in south western British Columbia

Virtual Riding Television

Imagine riding a motorcycle across Canada in high definition...

El Chango
Splendid Vancouver Web Developer

Surrey Trekkers Volkssport Club  "Our goal is to promote good health and physical fitness by encouraging people to enjoy outdoor exercise in pleasant, stress-free settings. We do this by offering walkers of all ages and physical fitness an opportunity to enjoy new walking experiences each weekend and holiday in the year."