A tale of two Tilley Hats


The Tilley hat on the left in the photo is 27 years old; it has served me faithfully for many years of travel, gardening and shading myself on leisurely sunny days on our sundeck.

I decided to get a new Tilley hat because I was so impressed with my 27 year old hat that had served me so well.

When I went to pay for the new new one, the lady, said — “no charge, your old hat has a lifetime warranty”. ┬áThis is the most amazing warranty on any product that I have ever experienced.

Thank you Tilley Vancouver – may your hats and range of products continue to be “AHEAD” of the competition as they deserve to be.


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  1. Marie Bronst says:

    Colm is my cherished brother-in law – I live in Ireland
    but on my many visits to Vancouver over many years
    I have at close-hand experienced his love of his
    TILLY HAT through my time in Vancouver and beyond.
    His TILLY HAT has been in many countries all over
    the world and his love of his hat has been relayed to
    all! Now he has a new TILLY HAT to love – thanks to
    your lifetime warranty! Thank you!

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