Brian’s cartwheeling Hat

Hello John,

Fly fishing with a friend in his favourite Bull River, to get some better water I walked along a ‘goat’ track that was just wide enough for one.  I had my fishing rod in the downhill hand and my Tilley hat in the other.  I was just about across the scree when the boulders shifted a little and I used my hat hand to catch my balance.  Unfortunately, my Tilley slipped out of my hand and to my amazement began to roll on its stiff rim just like a cart wheel.

I couldn’t dash after it but I could get down to the water where it had finished up floating out into the main stream.  I quickly cast a fly at it hoping to hook it and was not successful but I still had my friend downstream so I hollered to him to watch for my hat and try to hook it.  He managed to get close but away it went until it met the log barrier above the power house and the undertow took it down into the penstocks.  I always wondered if it made it through and on down the Bull until it met Lake Koocanusa where it might be picked up by another fisherman.


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