Gregory and Julie, Thailand

April 11, 2019

The photo of my wife Julie and me was taken at Sai Ngam (Beautiful Banyan), the largest and oldest banyan tree in Thailand, situat...

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Henry in Zanzibar

March 17, 2019

Hi Nikki, Last week we were touring an organic spice farm in Zanzibar. Crowns woven from palm branches were presented to us. It was...

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Dick, International man of wine

March 9, 2019

Dick is an international wine salesperson. Here he is in Shanghai. "I used to be ignored by Millennials at trade shows, until I sta...

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Paul and Richard

February 9, 2019

Hi Nikki, Here's a photo of my old hat that you asked for. You can see the weird coloured flecks in the material as a result of me dyeing i...

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Barry and Mary, India

December 29, 2018

Standing beside this beautifully decorated camel in Puskar was a better experience than the subsequent ride. Mary found that the trip...

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Linda and Jim, Kenya Orphanage

December 22, 2018

The Kenya Wildlife Service rescued Sharon and her Cheetah sisters when they were abandoned by their mother three years earlier. The K...

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Karen and Bill, Turkey

December 22, 2018

Karen has always been super cautious with her Hat. She keeps it in a plastic cover, doesn't like it to get crushed in the suitcase, and ...

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David’s crocodile lesson, Cuba

December 2, 2018

I learned a valuable lesson - to use the windstrap in the future. Losing my Hat to a crocodile in Cuba provided a great deal of entertainm...

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Gerard and Jan, Mt. Bromo, Indonesia

November 5, 2018

Mt Bromo is 32 kilometers from Probolinggo and the mini bus to get there meanders up the mountain along very narrow roads. I believe we ...

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Jim in Bruges, Belgium

October 17, 2018

Jim G. of Vancouver enjoys his new Hat at Jerry's Cigar Bar in Bruges, Belgium. Assisting Jim is some fine Belgian beer and a nice Cuban ...

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