Tag: adventure

Chris, Jennifer & Autumn, Mexico

April 2, 2017

"We bought our Tilley Hats just a few weeks before going to Mexico for our family vacation. They were great, we wore them the whole t...

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Rosalyn and Troy, Egypt

April 1, 2017

"Concerning Egypt I will now speak at length, because nowhere are there so many marvelous things, nor in the whole world beside are ther...

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Melissa, a “bug biologist” and friendly fauna

March 29, 2017

"My grandmother often took me camping, we were visiting Manning Park that day. Here I am, a typical biologist, barefoot in the mud,...

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James and Carol, 3 1/2 weeks in Italy

March 25, 2017

"Here we are in Pompeii. I am wearing my Tilley travel pants, shirt and even my Tilley walking socks for good measure. Our luggage fa...

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Melanie and family transiting the Panama

March 8, 2017

"We enjoyed a full transit of the Panama Canal, on a cruise between San Juan, Puerto Rico, and San Diego, California. I’ve attached a ...

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