Niki and the sneaker wave

sneaker wave tilley hat tilley jacket

“We recently went on a long road trip from Texas/New Mexico to Alaska.

In Eureka, California, the waves were huge and perfect for the shots we were looking to get. The waves were hitting the wall and we got some awesome shots. We also got soaking wet. We learned quite quickly what a “sneaker wave” was. We barely had time to turn and guard the cameras before we were exposed to a violent and brisk shower. Let me show you exactly what happened:

You see that my jean skirt is completely soaked, right? My jacket isn’t. Neither is my wool hat. Let me tell you the secret behind such magic.

While we were in Vancouver, we stopped at the Tilley Vancouver store. I got a jacket and a wool hat. Both of these items have a lifetime warranty against wear and both of them are water resistant. I love Tilley products!



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